A New Skipper at the Helm!

Cambio al vertice nel PWA: dopo le dimissioni di Jimmy Diaz, il giovane Nico Prien è stato eletto presidente della PWA!

Comunicato ufficiale del PWA.

A New Skipper at the Helm!
After 20 years of dedicated service, Jimmy Diaz stepped down from the role of PWA President ahead of the recent elections.
We are very pleased to welcome Nico Prien (JP / NeilPryde) to the role as Jimmy’s successor.
With Jimmy’s enormous experience in the sport at every level, his shoes were always going to be very difficult ones to fill, but we are grateful to have the very adequate feet of Nico to do so!
Combining industry and media experience that belies his youth, with exceptional talent on the water, Nico will provide the steady hand on the tiller, to replace Jimmy’s reliable grip. With years of pro level competition experience under his belt already, as well as significant industry experience and owning one of the most successful windsurfing athlete channels in the sport, Nico has all the tools to lead the important work that the PWA does within the sport.
Jimmy will continue to work in the sport, running the exceptional Cagla Kubat Windsurf Academy with his wife, as well as continuing the development of the PWA Youth Slalom World Cup Tour that he helped to establish with the Alacati Windfest Youth World Cup event, now in its third year.
Jimmy Diaz on the changes:“The main reason is that I have become too busy and diversified to be able to dedicate the necessary time for this role. That being said, however, I also felt that it was time for a generational change and that new blood would hopefully inject renewed energy and dedication to the PWA as a whole. It is a difficult balancing act to run the PWA trying to seamlessly address the sometimes conflicting interests of the sailors, industry, and event organisers especially in the current global economic climate and ever growing competitors in the watersports markets. I am confident Nico will be up for the challenge.
Being the president at the same time you are competing is quite challenging. Being a professional windsurfer by itself is very time consuming. It is not just about your on the water training or land training. It comes with many other responsibilities especially if you are also doing development and promotional work. Having this alone is a full-time job. Being the president of the PWA at the same time and bearing the responsibility of the needs of sailors, industry, and development of the professional side of windsurfing was quite overwhelming at times. One of my proudest personal moments in this context was being able to stand on the podium, dressed in my presidential attire, next to the two guys that I consider the best racers of all time, Björn [Dunkerbeck] and Antoine [Albeau].”

Nico Prien said the following about his goals and ambitions for the PWA: “I am honoured to take on this role within the PWA, an organisation I’ve admired since my youth while following the athletes. Having trained to one day compete among the very best, I am excited for the chance to give back to my favourite sport, whilst continuing to compete at the highest level. I’m looking forward the journey ahead, eager to contribute to and lead positive changes, together with the PWA Board. An exciting new chapter, fuelled by passion.”

Rich Page, PWA Tour Manager had the following to say about the changes: “We are very sad to see Jimmy go and his wisdom, diplomacy and enormous experience within windsurfing will be hard to match. Jimmy took on the role during some complex situations back in 2004, and since then, very few days have gone by when we have not communicated regarding PWA matters, working to the combined goal of the best tour possible for riders, brands and the audience as a whole. Jimmy’s drive on all things windsurfing and, in particular, the need for more high standard youth events, has been a powerful force in the sport.
I am very happy to have Nico pick up that baton and he has hit the ground running on this new leg of the journey. Having worked with Nico as a rider, and especially on media aspects over the last few years, I have every confidence that he can help us continue to drive the sport forwards and build on the foundations put in place by Jimmy. I am looking forward to a bright future for the tour under his leadership.We know that the entire windsurfing world will share the excitement and anticipation that we feel as we as we begin this new dynamic chapter in the history of the PWA.”