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La Defi Wind 2024 si avvicina e Patrik Diethelm basandosi sui prototipi del pluripremiato vincitore Nicolas Warembourg, ha creato due tavole “specifiche” per tutti gli appassionati delle long distance e della velocità pura: DEFI LTD 55 e DEFI LTD 59!

Based on the personal prototypes of multiple DEFI winner Nicolas Warembourg our shaper Patrik Diethelm has created the ultimate long-distance and GPS speed board for all DEFI and speed fans out there! The new DEFI LTD is fast and forgiving with loads of control and a massive topspeed.
– Maximum control in nuclear conditions

- ⁠Easy and less physical to ride to make you competitive in long-distance races

– Next-level crosswind topspeed and never seen upwind speed performance

- Broad wind range with massive speed potential thoughout the whole windrange

- More average speed and top speed oriented than your standard slalom board

- Wider range of use than your speed board

“Finally you can get your hands on a production board which is truly specialised and carefully finetuned for long-distance and speed. The DEFI LTD is based on my own prototypes and the two sizes 55 and 59 have been chosen with the real world DEFI racing situations, crosswind speedsailing and GPS speedsailing in mind.
Handshaped by mastermind Patrik Diethelm this board is incredibly easy to ride and high speeds and allows you to keep concentrated on a long reach. It will carry you upwind well when the courses are accidently out of angle and it will give you the the extra knots of topspeed to accellerate out of the pack.
Control is everything on an endless multi-kilometer DEFI reach. This board makes the impossible possible and allows you to go full speed from mark to mark without being physically and mentally challenging.
In GPS Speed situations many spots like La Palme and others favour more crosswind than deep downwind riding. This board is the fastest board I’ve ever had on crosswind and upwind angles when the wind is firing and the sail is fully powered”.

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