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Tornano anche dalle pagine del sito PWA… i famosi windsurf podcast: l’episodio 32 vede Maciek Rutkowski intervistare il rider britannico Adam Lewis, ma non solo… da non perdere!

The Windsurfing Podcast: “Adam Lewis rips. And he’s been ripping for years now. But his path to becoming a pro windsurfer was far from easy. Late starter for many years he had to teach the sport in order to do it. What finally tipped the scales? How did he get to the PWA podium? How was the first time at Jaws? And how was it in Australia with 2 other unknown riders: Maciek Rutkowski and Balz Muller….

0:00​ Intro, Aussie Trip
8:16​ Windsurfing Background
15:00​ Chasing the dream
23:00​ Sponsors, working in different teams & cultures
32:32​ Maui house/home? Sailing Jaws
50:02​ PWA sailing, breaking into top positions
59:56​ Judging Criteria, entry events
1:08:28​ Adam’s Future
1:12:17​ Quickfire”

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