GunSails HY-WING

Ormai quasi ogni windsurf factory propone una o anche più linee di wing nella propria gamma e anche GunSails, proprio in questi giorni, fa il suo ingresso nel mondo del wing surf con l’HY-WING.

Un’ala per tutti i livelli di abilità, proposta in tre misure (4.0, 5.0, 6.0) per coprire un’immensa gamma di vento e stabilità, super facile da maneggiare, ma in grado di garantire comunque un alto livello di prestazioni.

Offerto con il super rapporto qualità/prezzo tipico dei prodotti GunsSails, l’HY-WING è la scelta perfetta per il principiante e per coloro che vogliono ampliare velocemente gli orizzonti di questo sport.

The Wing features an extremely balanced profile with just the right amount of power and speed. The compact outline makes it super easy to maneuver. The profile aligns smoothly from tremendous drive to absolute neutrality. Two generously designed windows provide the necessary overview. Three wide, padded handles on the middle strut allow maximum freedom in positioning the hands, so the Wing can be easily operated with one hand.
With the Neutral Handle, a soft loop on the leading edge, the Wing can be depowered with just one hand, perfect for wave riding where you don’t need a pull in the Wing. Under the loop is a soft pad that protects the knuckles.
The Leading Edge of the HY-WING is made of super light and high quality Double Diced Dacron and the Canopy material is made of High Density Ripstop. The Fusion Trailing Edge completes the construction at the Leech and additionally increases the durability of the wing.
The clever combination of materials used makes the Wing direct and responsive, yet it remains easy to handle and extremely forgiving.
Setup is a breeze, just inflate and you’re done. After the session, the Wing can be folded back up and stored in the included bag to save space.
The HY-WING shows the way from the first Wing attempts to jibes and explosive jumps. An uncomplicated and powerful introduction to the discipline of wing surfing.