Montecristo, at the end…

Un altro che pare essersi divertitito assai restando nel mare nostrum… è l’amico Cattazen, che ci propone il video della sua mission in Corsica… Montecristo, at the end. A windsurfing trip into the Med.

Montecristo, at the end. A windsurfing trip into the med. from CattaZen on Vimeo.

10 giorni laggiù ed ogni volta c’è sempre un buon motivo per ritornare…
“More than a dream, that was real.
It’s an history about friendship, passion and windsurfing.
On the third day of the furious Mistral, after two combat sessions inside de choppy waters, the wind has finally dropped and the waves have come to the appointment.
Some frames are not enough to describe the moments I have been waiting for.
Thanks to good friend Marin 56 (who, from the pages of his blog, let us feel the essence of this fantastic sport in Corsica’s seas closer to us.) for sharing a memorable windsurf day!
…Ehy man !!!! yeahhh, what a glassy swell !!!!!! (And what a pasta Italie..:-) ).
At the end of journey it appeared to me a magnificent and fascinating creature, Montecristo.
Amazing island …”
A presto!