Alacati… posticipato!

Il fallito golpe militare di venerdì scorso ha lasciato strascichi pesanti in Turchia…  cosa che ha “consigliato” al PWA e agli organizzatori locali di spostare la tappa di Alacati probabilmente al prossimo ottobre.
Di seguito il comunicato ufficiale del PWA.

Dear Sailors
In light of recent developments in Turkey, it has been decided to postpone the planned Slalom World Cup at Alacati.  Whilst the situation is not clear and there are no specific problems that could directly affect the event at this time, we appreciate that the situation is unpredictable and there is enough uncertainty to leave many of you feeling uncomfortable at the prospect of travelling to Turkey. Therefore it has been decided that the event will not take place in August as previously planned.
The event is still important to the PWA, and to the community in Alacati, and efforts will continue to ensure the future success of the event. We are currently looking at possible dates for the event in October of this year, after the Sylt World Cup, but we will continue to evaluate the situation and bring you more news and information as the situation becomes clear.
Our thoughts are with all of our friends in Turkey in what are undoubtedly difficult times.
Kind regards