Essaouira Day Five: Boujmaa!

E arrivò il giorno dei verdetti… dopo due giorni di pausa, il “motore” di  Moulay Bouzerktoune ricomincia a girare a pieno regime e permette di portare a termine le ultime batterie del tabellone dingle.
Boujmaa Guilloul ha fatto valere il fattore “campo”, giocando in casa e si è aggiudicato tabellone ed evento davanti ai soliti “noti” dell’AWT e cioè Morgan Noireaux secondo, Kevin Pritchard terzo e Diony Guadagnino appena giù dal podio.

Boujmaa AWT Essaouira Day Five

I migliori degli italici partecipanti sono stati tra i “maschietti” Matteo Spanu e Francesco Cappuzzo che chiudono il tabellone in “condominio” al nono posto con Albert Antoine e Gayda Aleski, mentre tra le cinque ragazze in gara, Annamaria Zollet, si prende il 2° posto subito dietro alla vincitrice Ingrid Larouche.

Boujmaa AWT Essaouira Day Five 2

Guilloul and Larouche are crowned champions on the fifth day of AWT Essaouira.
With the wind blowing early and the waves building yet further it was straight into competition this morning.
In the Women’s fleet Ingrid Larouche took five wins out of five to secure her dominant win with high forwards, and aggressive wave riding. The fight for second place was a close one between Anna-Maria Zoillet and Deniz Aslan, with Zollett taking it a couple of points ahead.
The action in the Pro fleet was full on from the first buzzer with all the remaining riders pushing the limits. Edvan Souza threw a stylish push forward, but was unable to secure a clean landing, limiting his score. Julien Taboulet pulled off two stylish tabletop forwards, this combined with his radical riding took him through to a fifth position.

Boujmaa AWT Essaouira Day Five 3

Boujmaa AWT Essaouira Day Five 4Morgan

Noireaux, Kevin Pritchard, Boujmaa Guilloul and Diony Guadignino were the final four riders left to do battle.
The final saw Noireaux taking the highest wave score on a big set wave, with multiple critical turns and an aerial, whilst Guilloul took the highest jump score with a massive one foot back loop. Pritchard also racked up a big one-footed backloop, plus a big stalled forward and some excellent wave scores. Guadagnino went for a double, as did Noireaux, but it was Guilloul’s jumping that set him apart and took him to the win.

Boujmaa AWT Essaouira Day Five 5

Top 4 Pro Men AWT Essaouira Pro Results:
1st Boujmaa Guilloul
2nd Morgan Noireaux
3rd Kevin Pritchard
4th Diony Guadignino

AWT Essaouira Women’s Results:
1st Ingrid Larouche
2nd Anna-Maria Zollet
3rd Deniz Aslan
4th Amy Carter