AWT Essaouira

Settimana con i primi appuntamenti che contano: giovedi inizia in Korea, la stagione slalom del Pwa, com molta attesa da parte nostra di vedere come Matteo andrà con i nuovi materiali, mentre nel week-end in Marocco è cominciato ufficialmente l’evento AWT di Essaouira/Moulay Bouzerktoune.

AWT Essaouira 1

Dopo aver già toccato l’Africa negli anni scorsi con la tappa di Cabo Verde, il dinamico circuito dell’American Windsurfing Tour quest’anno è sbarcato in Marocco, forte della collaborazione del top rider locale Boujmaa Guilloul, fedele aficionados dell’AWT che ha anche vinto due stagioni fa…

AWT Essaouira 2

Le premesse in Marocco sono ottime perché tra iscrizioni e tabelloni amatori e donne le due prime giornate sono state “accompagnate” dalla “solita” mazzata di vento tipico estivo della zona e cioè da 3,5/4,0… vento che è di buono auspicio per l’inizio del tabelloni dei pro che probabilmente apriranno le danze già oggi.

AWT Essaouira 3

Tra i rider, pro ed amatori, abbiamo ben cinque nostri portacolori…  Matteo Spanu, il giovane Francesco Cappuzzo, Stefano Abis e Marco Bosi tra gli uomini e Annamaria Zollet tra le donne…. a testimoniare l’importanza raggiunta dall’Awt, anche per maturare una dimestichezza adeguata per sbarcare magari in appuntamenti nel tour PWA, con un bagaglio tecnico, tattico e di esperienza migliore…
Abis che è già sceso in acqua tra gli amatori ed è riuscito a passare due heat arredendosi al terzo round mentre Annamaria Zollet si è piazzata al secondo posto della gara delle donne.

AWT Essaouira 4

AWT Essauira 2016: agenda

May 15th
9am to 11am riders registration.
11:30am-4pm competition (heats can change depending the conditions).
6pm, we will have a presentation of the riders to the government in Dar Souiri, and at 7pm we will have the opening ceremony at Taros.

May 16th
9am Skipper meeting.
12-5pm Competition.

May 17th
9am Skipper meeting.
12-5pm competition.
7pm Dinner and party at Lawama.

May 18th
9am-12 workshop with local kids about the environement and beach cleanup in Essaouira.
12 skipper meeting
12:30pm-5pm competition in Essaouira if conditions allow, otherwise an exhibition there.
6pm “Justdiggit” Conference in Darsouiri.

May 19th
9am Skipper meeting.
12pm-5pm Competition in Moulay.

May 20th
9am Skipper meeting.
12pm-5pm Competition in Moulay.
6pm Moroccan Fantasia on the beach of Moulay.

May 21st
9am Skipper meeting.
12pm-4pm Competition in Moulay.
5pm Prize giving at Darsouiri in Essaouira.
7pm Closing ceremony at Taros.

Opening Day
Thus far, the forecast has held true with strong wind filling in just prior to the event. Today saw winds gusting well into the 30 knot range, kicking up some nice windswell for everyone to warm up with.
The energy level was high as riders watched the conditions start to turn on. By mid-day it was solid 4.0 weather, and everyone was scrambling to get there small stuff ready. The pre competition warm-up was action packed, with local talent and AWT regulars practicing their moves. Here are a few pics to whet your appetite of what’s to come.
Competition is expected to get underway first thing tomorrow, with a really solid wind forecast. Waves are small, but the wind is strong, allowing for some serious jumping. While we don’t expect anything massive in the wave department, it does look like there will be plenty for everyone to show their best moves.
Stay tuned for updates, and be sure to check our Facebook page for full photo albums, the final entry list and competition brackets.

The Amateurs Are Up On Day One Of AWT Essaouira
AWT Essaouira set off in style today with 30-knot winds and fun-size waves providing the Amateurs, Masters and Ladies great conditions to showcase their skills…
After an early morning registration the conditions built and competition was called on for the amateurs, shortly followed by the masters and women. Competitors from thirteen countries including America, France, Germany, Brazil, Italy and many more took on the best of Morocco in 10 minute heats with two jumps and two waves to count. A near perfect backloop, landed by Mana, started off the very first heat and every rider throughout the day pushed their own limits in the strengthening winds.
We have one more heat in round three to complete; with the top two from this heat joining those who have already made it all the way through to the semi finals.
In the women’s fleet Ingrid Larouche has taken two wins from two, putting her in a commanding position ahead of the other ladies. We have combined the masters and grand masters into one fleet, and it’s the experience of Spiess that is shining through so far.

AWT Essaouira 5

The day finished off with a fantastic opening ceremony in town where the sailors and organisers gathered to meet with the government, before everyone enjoyed food and drinks in Resto Taros.
The competition will continue with a 10:30 skipper’s meeting tomorrow, with first possible start at 12:00.
Stay tuned for updates, and be sure to check our Facebook page for full photo albums, updated brackets and more.