Fuerteventura cancellation

Come da “previsione”… la tappa Fuerteventura Grand Slam, in programma dal 22 al 31 luglio 2022 è stata cancellata.
Per ora, salvo inserimento di nuove tappe (la 2022 Windsurf World Cup in programma a novembre a Yokosuka in Giappone è ancora in stato di… TBC!), ai cavalieri dello slalom (parliamo di uomini perchè in Germania le donne dello slalom non troveranno spazio…) non rimarrà che la tappa 2022 Mercedes-Benz World Cup di Sylt in programma tra fine settembre ed inizio ottobre, per stabilire le gerarchie della stagione in corso.

Ecco l’annuncio ufficiale del PWA Calendar Update – Fuerteventura

Dear Friends

Sadly we have to inform you that the Fuerteventura World Cup will not take place as planned for 2022.

Despite the best efforts of the PWA, Ayuntamiento de Pajara, the Rene Egli Centre and Melia Group, over months of hard work and planning, and despite the funding for the event being confirmed by the primary sponsors, some of the necessary permits required locally for the event to take place were still not available 3 weeks before the planned start of the event, preventing the final event contracts from being signed in good time. Due to the limited time remaining to make the final preparations for the event, the Ayuntamiento de Pajara took the unilateral decision to cancel the event for this year.

Although this is a frustrating decision for the PWA and for the Rene Egli Centre, and that there were still further possibilities to explore to safeguard the event from our point of view, we understand the decision of the Ayuntamiento and the practical reasons why they felt they had to take it.

The Fuerteventura World Cup is an iconic event that has spanned over 30 years and seen some of the best racing, speed and freestyle competition in the history of the sport. That longevity and pedigree is largely thanks to our partners at the Rene Egli Centre, who’s experience and expertise play an irreplaceable role in making the event run smoothly, efficiently and successfully year on year.

The Melia Fuerteventura at Sotavento

The event would also not be possible without the support of the local community and the Ayuntamiento de Pajara, who welcome us to their beaches, and provide the financial and logistic support to allow us to bring the highest level of competition to Fuerteventura, and we look forward to continuing these successful and prosperous relationships for many years to come.

We want to thank our colleagues at the Rene Egli Centre, Melia Group and the Ayuntamiento de Pajara, for their time, consideration and dedication to trying to make the event happen for this year and we are reassured to know that much of that work will be transferrable to the 2023 event, for which preparations are already firmly underway.

Although 2022 has not progressed as smoothly as we had hoped, there is still much more to come and we are looking forward to the Gran Canaria World Cup which will be the most explosive, highest jumping, most extreme event to happen since 2019. Gran Canaria starts on the 9th July, so stay tuned to ww.pwaworldtour.com to watch live as the air show takes off!

Kind regards

The PWA.