Traversa in Galicia!

Non son bene a che puntata siamo arrivati del Guided Tour di Tomasino Traversa, ma visto che è stato proposto stamattina anche dal sito del PWA e che una mission in Galizia o in Nord Portogallo… ultimamente me la sogno tutte le notti… beccatevi Thomas in action e non solo!

After about a month break, Thomas Traversa is back with another episode of his ‘Guided Tour’, which this time sees the Frenchman talking about Galicia, Spain. This ones well worth a watch with some epic old footage, which also features Traversa’s good friend – Alex Mussolini.
Thomas Traversa (Tabou / GA Sails): “Welcome to this GUIDED TOUR !
Let me take you on a little ego-trip to Galicia, one of the most remote parts of the Spanish coastline.
It is a place that I kept going to during the last 20 years, and it really has a special energy: the nature, the wind, the waves, the space… every trip there is a return to a part of myself.
In 2008 we traveled to Galicia with Alex Mussolini and filmer Brendan Pyatt (UMI pictures) to film a part for our movie project “JUST LIKE THAT”. i felt like this was the perfect moment to bring back this old project, so hopefully you enjoy the clip, and feel free to drop a coment if you want to see more from that “JUST LIKE THAT” project!

Images by :
Mathieu Pelikan / SIAM images (camera & drone)
Brendan Pyatt / UMI pictures (old footage)”

You can see the latest episode of Thomas Traversa’s Guided Tour @