Speed testing con Antoine!

Alla vigilia di un week-end che localmente non sembra poter offrire granchè dal punto di vista vento (anche se domani uno sbuffo dai quadranti meridionali con rinforzi fino a 50-60 km/h potrebbe anche palesarsi nel nostro home spot…), rallegriamoci l’attesa con questo bel video, già proposto dal sito del PWA nei giorni scorsi, con Antoine Albeau e Andy Laufer, che si allenano in speed… ma non solo!

La Palme Occitanie: 3 days of perfect Tramontana with winds between 20 and 45 knots. Perfect conditions to test the new speed sails in 5.8sqm. The beach along Le Rouet was not perfect so we decided to test those speed machines on our JP Slalom Pro 55 and 29 cm fins. The white/yellow sail is the latest proto from the Neil Pryde Development Center/Maui. Robert Stroj designed a perfect new speed sail with lots of changes. Can’t tell the details right now but the sail has got more power, better acceleration, more stability, better speeds in those “windholes” and most important for speed – more topspeed! Going straight line we have reached speeds between 41 and 42 knots, in slingshots up to almost 44 knots (81 kmh). Good numbers as the beach was not perfect. Another big step forward, I hope he can transfer this progress to the other sizes. We had lots of fun out there, always an honour for me to test with the 25x World Champion Antoine Albeau F-192. His “Groundspeed” is incredible, especially when it gets gnarly and choppy. Always reminds me, why he got all of those titels 🙂 At the end, I had a beautiful spinout ending up in a big crash. Think I landed about 30 meters from my equipment. Was still hooked in but fortunately those harness lines cracked immediately. Didn’t hurt, just hit the water. Special appearance: Sam Esteve F-79 If you see this guy freestyling in real, you won*t even believe that those things are possible!!