Point-7 MASTS: The new K’s Generation.

Giusto una settimana fa, Point-7  ha  lanciato le sue nuove linee di alberi da windsurf di alta qualità, prodotti in Italia.
SDM-S (Standard Diameter-Sonic) e RDM-I (Reduce Diameter- Inverted) sono i due cavalli di battaglia in fatto di mast della factory di Andrea Cucchi.

Point-7 MASTS: The new K’s Generation.
High quality windsurfing masts are mainly manufactured in Italy. Our supplier is based in Italy and produces in Italy. We have often offered to produce outside at convenient costs, but when we test the product on the water, it reflects the difference. As the mast is such an important product in terms of performance and security, we prefer to have it as efficient as possible nevertheless the cost.

Thanks to update of new machineries, we were able to work out a new finish from our masts and introduce new technology in the constructions. We revised the sizes and models for 2021 according to the new needs of windsurfing and windfoiling.

SDM-S: Standard Diameter-Sonic.
We added the ‘S’ for sonic to our SDM masts as on the top of the mast, there is a new construction which increases the reflex on the winglet area of the sail, giving more control and stability to the sail. The mast are available in the names of K100, K80 and K60, to cover 3 carbon % gradients. You will discover more about them in the dedicated sections. The K100 will be introducing the 520, 550 and 570 masts for formula foil racing.

RDM-I: Reduce Diameter- Inverted.
Once you take out the mast from its mast bag, do not be thinking that something is wrong. The ferrule is part of the top, and not part of the bottom anymore. Therefore, the rdm is now being called RDM-I. After testing with our wave team, the masts, we have discovered that landing hard flat or nosedive jumps, was creating extra stress to the top, where the ferrule would enter it. By having the ferrule being part of the top, the stress is taken out and the tops do not suffer the extra stress that could bring in the worst case to breakages. We have decided to clean up our RDM-I range by offering 2 very distinctive models. The K87 and the K97. 87% carbon mast to bring a durable mast with the highest carbon % possible. A 100% carbon mast is the K97, but with extra reinforcements to give the extra durability to the normal 100%, making itself a 97% carbon mast.

Both masts have are being given with a new rubber cap at the joints, to clean up the inside part of the mast from dirt, while uniting the top to the base.

Just remember:
Most of the masts might look the same, but often produced by different manufactures with different machinery, materials, climates, and technology. The mast is a very important accessory for our rig. It’s the backbone of your windsurfing sail. The same as having a suit tailor made.
A large 9m slalom sails have different qualities and performance characteristics from a 5m slalom sail which is used in strong wind. The curve and stiffness of the mast needs to be developed accordingly.
Most of the masts on the market are constant curve, but this is only a general term to explain the characteristics. What is important is the curve percentages values of the bottom and top sections of the mast, including materials, shapes, and reflex. These are values which are very different in each sail brand, and all kept secret. Therefore, the best efficiency is reached by having an integrated rig.
Our mast lines continue to have the bend curve printed on them, so you will know more of the product you are buying!