Ulsan PWA World Cup – Event Summary

Più che l’event summary… guardiamoci il bel video dell’ultimo giorno di gara che ha portato Delphine Cousin Questel e Matteo Iachino a vincere la tappa in South Korea!

The forecast for the final day of the 2019 Ulsan PWA World Cup looked the lightest day of the week on paper, but it actually produced the best racing conditions of the week with the thermal wind filling in early and being more stable than on Tuesday and Wednesday and left many of the girls reaching for their 6.3s and the Men 7.7s. In total, a further 3 Women’s and 2 Men’s Slalom were completed, while one Foil Elimination was also completed on an action packed final day as Jinha showed its true potential.

Foto © PWA/Carter

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