The Aloha Classic is set for an epic showdown…

L’impressione è che sarà un week-end “on fire” a Hookipa per l’atto finale dell’Aloha Classic 2017, con solo le ultime heat dei Pro, uomini e donne, da portare a termine…

After almost two weeks we are reaching the final days of the 2017 Aloha Classic, and it looks like we will be finishing in style!
We only have the last rounds of the Pro Men and Women to complete and it looks like tomorrow will be the day.
There is a great forecast coming through, with the swell building as we speak, so it looks like we should have epic conditions to conclude the contest.
In the Pro Men’s competition we are down to the final 16, with all the usual suspects still in the contest. The likes of Boujmaa Guilloul, Graham Ezzy, Kevin Pritchard, Kai Lenny, Bernd Roediger, Levi Siver and more are due to battle it out for the crown in the Pro Men fleet; Siver and Roediger looked particularly dangerous in the previous rounds, but as we all know anything can happen in a heat, and with so many incredible sailors in the final 16 everyone will need to be on top form to advance.
Watch a recap video from the Grand Masters Final here.

In the Pro Women we just have the top 8 remaining, with Sarah Hauser and Fiona Wylde looking like the ladies to beat. But, with riders such as Tatiana Howard, Ingrid Larouche and Vickey Abbott in the semi-finals too, there are certainly no guaranteed winners. All of the ladies in the top 8 are amazing wave sailors and we cannot wait to see who will take the victory!
We will be crowning not only the winners from this event, but our tour champions at the closing party this Sunday night. If you are in Maui please join us at The Maui Tropical Plantation for our end of year party and closing ceremony.

Image © Si Crowther.