Tempo di video, belli radicali, pubblicati i questi giorni dai vari atleti di world cup e “rilanciati” tra ieri e oggi dal sito ufficiale del PWA… cominciamo con Alex Mussolini che è andato a Fuerteventura a surfarsi l’onda perfetta!

Perfection from Alex M on Vimeo.

Alex Mussolini (RRD / RRD Sails) is now based in mainland Spain, so while he may not have world class wave sailing on his doorstep anymore it does mean he can now chase forecasts in the search for epic wind and waves.
The Spaniard, who finished 7th overall in 2018, recently visited Fuerteventura on an ideal looking forecast and he certainly found what he was looking for with world class waves. However, with the wind looking pretty light that meant that as well as delivering some epic hits, he also had some hard bailouts.
You can see Alex Mussolini in action @

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