Lena torna in acqua…

Dopo quattro mesi e mezzo dall’incidente occorsole a Pozo, durante la seconda tappa wave della stagione PWA, Lena Erdil torna in acqua.
L’atleta turca che si era fatta male atterrando un forward durante il Gran Canaria Wind & Wave Waves ed aveva subito una “lisfranc fracture”, una frattura tarsometatarsica che ha interessato anche l’osso cuneiforme… dopo più di quattro mesi di intensa riabilitazione affronta la prima uscita in windsurf nelle fredde acque di casa…
L’incidente, abbastanza serio, anche a vedere nel video le precauzioni osservate in questa prima uscita, le ha compromesso totalmente la stagione PWA 2018.
Buon ritorno Lena!

Lena Erdil Back on the Water For First Time in 4.5 Months
You may remember that during the second Women’s Wave event of the season – the Gran Canaria Wind & Wave Waves – Lena Erdil unfortunately suffered a Lisfranc Fracture after landing a forward loop, which ended her 2018 season.
However, after 4 and half months of intense rehabilitation Erdil has just taken her first steps back on a board. You can see Lena Erdil’s first time back windsurfing in her latest VLOG @ https://youtu.be/NE-cAFnCQJ0.
Lena Erdil back on the water: “Four months after my Lisfranc injury my physios and doctors have finally given me the go ahead to attempt my first windsurf!! I think my smile says it all! For now it’s just strapless windsurfing though and while my rehabilitation period continues I have to stay in Istanbul where it is cold and not very windy… However, I have finally started following windguru again and I hope to score a session at the Black Sea within the next couple of weeks.
I’m super stoked with not only the sailing but also with the style in which this Vlog was filmed and edited by my friend Ener. How do you like it and would you like to see more like this?”
If you missed the earlier link here it is again https://youtu.be/NE-cAFnCQJ0 

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