Morgan Noireaux ad Ho’okipa!

Il giovane rider (23 anni), due volte vincitore dell’Aloha Classic, Morgan Noireaux in azione con le vele S2Maui nelle acque di “casa”… ad Ho’okipa!

S2Maui team: Home at Ho’okipa, Winter 17/18 from S2Maui on Vimeo.

Art Szpunar: “With the S2Maui headquarters located 10 minutes from Ho’okipa, you can’t be too hard on us for getting carried away with our wavesails. Adding additional stoke to the fire, S2Maui was happy to welcome multiple Aloha Classic Champion Morgan Noireaux to the team in 2018. With everyone so passionate about wavesailing and charging all winter long, we decided to document a small dose of the action from this past winter on video. Check out our new video “S2Maui team: Home at Ho’okipa, Winter 17/18”

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