Matanzas Wave Classic… video!

In attesa di spostarsi a Maui per l’ultima tappa 2017 dell’IWT (“loro” l’Aloha Classic la fanno!), Kevin Pritchard ha sfornato il video ufficiale della Matanzas Wave Classic!

Matanzas Wave Classic Scores Epic Conditions from International Windsurfing Tour on Vimeo.

The Matanzas Wave Classic is a wrap! After running the contest the first two days of our event window and running an expression session Tuesday, IWT crew and riders got to work exploring Matanzas & Navidad. We enjoyed a beach cleanup on Wednesday, discovering Navidad’s History Thursday, celebrating Navidad’s birthday with a full Chilean BBQ on Friday and celebrating the end of the contest with our Closing Party at La Lobera Club House in Pupuya on Saturday as well as mountain biking all week long! Thank you to Alex Vargas, Hotel Surazo, Aloha Services, the entire Matanzas Wave Classic crew, all the individuals running safety throughout the contest, the communities of Matanzas and Navidad, local Matanzas Wave Classic event sponosrs, our IWT Tour sponsors and the IWT crew for another great event.

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