Back to Basics

L’ultimo video di Arthur Arutkin che ritorna a surfare a Wissant, che si trova tra Calais e Boulogne sur Mer e considerato il best wave spot francese dello stretto di Dover, tanto da essere chiamato “the Hawaii of the north” ed avere delle percentuali di vento simili a quello di Tarifa…

Back to basics from michel Arutkin on Vimeo.

Arthur Arutkin (Fanatic / NorthSails) competes in both SUP and Windsurfing – the young Frenchman earned his best result to date on the PWA Wave World Tour earlier this summer in Tenerife – where the 20-year-old finished in joint 17th in the double elimination after finishing 9th in the single.
Arutkin’s latest video is named ‘Back to Basics’ but we’re not sure who classes this extensive skillset as ‘back to basics’ as he combines super vert fluid wave riding with tabletop forwards, stalled forwards, one-handed backloops and has even started throwing himself into doubles. If Arutkin can consistently start landing doubles then he’d become an even more dangerous proposition on the world tour.


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